Ahad, Jun 07, 2009

DAP strategis - same PAS old story

DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong who authored an academic thesis on PAS described the latest development in the party as “the same story with different actors and people playing different roles.”

“For instance, a few years ago, Nasharudin was regarded as one of the agents of change. Today, he has become part of the conservative establishment,” he said.

He noted that PAS, in the last 10 years had struggled with the question of whether it should cooperate with another party, who it should cooperate with and, most of all, the compromises it will have to make.

“It is evident they want to respect the ulama and keep the party intact,” said Liew.

PAS will assume a more conservative outlook after this, or at least, over the next two years.

But it will not go backwards as some have suggested. It will also not go very far forward without the ideas, energy and networking of the reformist group whose powers have been checked.

Basically, the party is still trying to find a balance between its Islamic ideals and the imperatives of politics.

It has very clear objectives for the near future – a spanking new headquarters in Putrajaya, capturing the Federal Government and claiming the post of Prime Minister.

The only problem is that not many people believe the party can achieve that under the new team.

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