Jumaat, Ogos 15, 2008

BN’s Ariff Shah — first impressions

Laporan : Malaysian Insider

AUG 14 — He is the best candidate the Barisan Nasional can offer to take on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim; and to a certain extent, he is.

Another factor is that he's the quintessential politician — a nice, friendly and good humoured person. He is also seen as a hardworking assemblyman who is quite approachable. In other words, he's a good wakil rakyat.

During the last general election campaign, he was among the very few BN candidates who were seen stopping by the opposition's pondok panas or campaign booths to shake hands and have coffee with the party workers.

His command of Mandarin and Hokkien is legendary, and he has even sent his children to Chinese schools.

In the present scenario, Ariff Shah does not have much to lose personally. Win or lose, he's still the state assemblyman. He's also known for his record of servicing his constituency and anyone who has visited his service centre in Seberang Jaya will be easily impressed with his community work.

Even if he loses as expected to his former political compatriot, at least Ariff Shah can hope to reduce the 13,000-plus majority votes garnered by Wan Azizah in the last elections...

At the same time... he'll may be can win this the by-election.. Rakyat very comfortable with him...

Nothing impossible.. and nothing to lose for BN...

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