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Rabu, Oktober 09, 2013

#DAPpenipu : DAP Tried To Bribe ROS With RM 500,000.00 - Episode 2

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It is hard to believe that Lim Dynasty now striving hard to ban DAP. Unfortunately, that is the fact that we have to swallow.

DAP is getting near to the end after 29th. Sept. 2013 CEC election. According to the constitution, DAP to hold re-elections as required by the constitution of the DAP. Meaning, to repeat the last December 2012 election. Same candidate and the same representatives with the 10 weeks notice to be issued to all this representatives.

But DAP has violated both rules above. They just follow the 2012 candidates. They issuing notice to the delegate is unconstitutional. Representatives only being given 4 week notice.

Another violation is to change status of branch with B certificate to A certificate. This is to enable them to be representative of CEC re-election. A total of 120 branches have already upgraded from B certificate to A certificate and this involved 450 delegates.

Lim Guan Eng’s evil work with the help from his both humble servant Tony Pua and Anthony Loke has been known by the 5 Tigers. This news has spread even to the members of the opposition. This is going to be new disaster to Lim Dynasty.

Problem after another making life of Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Anthony Loke and Tony Pua a living hell. A day after the re-election, they called Karpal Singh to discuss this matter. RSN Rayer was also present at that meeting.

During the meeting a consensus was reached unanimously that the best way to save is with DAP banned by ROS and they will register back the party. They want ROS to ban DAP without doing more thorough investigation because when ROS start digging, they will reveal a lot of dirty things hide under DAP carpet which directly pointing to Lim Guan Eng.

To enable all this strategy, which is ban without further investigation, they require assistance from ROS. This is where RSN Rayer came into the picture. He was asked to deal with ROS and offer bribe amount of RM 500,000.00 to ROS for DAP to be banned immediately.

DAP ban will not only close the Lim Dynasty rotten pies, but can pose a bigger profit to them.

With the ban of DAP, Malaysian will be force to believe and accuse BN for using ROS to ban DAP. Action would reflecting Chinese community feeling offended and against BN.

When DAP banned and re-registered, is a great opportunity for Lim Dynasty to kick out all his enemies including the 5 Tigers. Then they will make a new constitution and set the position of a Secretary-General hold no term limit. This will enable Lim Guan Eng remained in the chair forever.

Conclusion from this, by DAP being banned immediately will give a political millage and gains for Lim Dynasty so that they continue strengthen their power and reign in DAP.

#DAPpenipu Lim and Singh Dynasty Working Hard To Banned DAP - Episode 1

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sumber : DAP Insider

I apologize for not been able to update this blog for a week. I was in Bali to meet someone and from there to Perth to meet some DAP leader regarding CEC re-election on 29th Sept. 2013.

I will not stop writing on this blog and I will continue with all the series until everything is over. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Today some might think my writing is less important or just another story after story or perhaps lies but I believe what is filled in this blog will be an important reference one day. Fortune favors the bold.

Last weekend CEC re-election giving Lim and Singh Dynasty a tremendous headache. All because of the presence of Jenice Lee as a representative and she did casting vote during the election. "Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity". 

Malaysian have learned that Jenice Lee sacked from DAP during GE-13, Apr 2013. Out of sudden Jenice appear on the polling day to choose the CEC last weekend. The pictures include her presence in that meeting and during casting her voting paper into the ballot box which widely disseminated on the internet.

Dissemination of the photographs makes people believe that the selection of the CEC was not done properly and ROS action all this while is right. Internet citizens questioned how people who have been sacked present as delegate ?

Both Lim and Singh Dynasty issued a directive to all CEC members not to give any comment on that matter when asked by reporters or anyone else. This is to avoid another disaster to DAP.

Jenice presence as a representative is valid and accordance to rules and regulations of DAP. She was sacked before by CEC which is not recognized. That is why she is still a delegate.

If there any member of CEC explaining the presence of Jenice, will confirmed that the previous CEC was not recognized. That would be a terrible disaster to Lim Dynasty. They choose to be silenced on that matter and creating a diversion on continuous attacking the ROS to proof their innocence and to confuse Malaysian. That is why this week, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh and Tony Pua continue attacking ROS. Malaysian by now should know that all these people are the "Master of Illusion, Delusion and Diversion".

At the same time they were also upset because of their credibility was badly tarnished among the intelligentsia and Chinese businessmen. CEC runoff election turmoil felt by the Penang Government as businessmen began to calculate the risk to invest capital in Penang as the result of instability of Lim Guan Eng’s position.

What I wish to expose now might be difficult for you to swallow or to trust but I can easily believe it because I have been hanging out with this group of people for such a long time. It is a norm or culture in DAP that they never walk the talk. They appear to be hero against corruption and highest integrity group of people, but in reality many do not know that DAP is a strong party that deify corruption.

Did you know that DAP currently doing effort to ban their own party?

Find hard to believe? Bullshit?........

Unfortunately, this is the fact. It happened after the re-election of CEC last weekend. Famous quote by Karl Marx:

Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity

How and what is being done by DAP to ban their own party, I will share with you tomorrow in the second episode.


Saya memohon maaf kerana tidak mengemaskini blog ini selama seminggu. Saya berada di Bali berjumpa dengan seseorang dan dari sana saya ke Perth untuk berjumpa pula dengan seorang pemimpin DAP berhubung pemilihan semua CEC pada 29.Sept.2012.

Saya tidak akan berhenti mengisi blog ini dan saya akan teruskan dengan siri-siri akan datang sehingga segalanya selesai. Hari ini mungkin ada yang beranggapan penulisan saya tidak penting atau saya membawa cerita bohong. Saya yakin apa yang diisi dalam blog ini akan menjadi satu rujukan penting satu hari nanti.

Pemilihan semula CEC hujung minggu lepas membuatkan Dinasti Lim dan Dinasti Singh semakin pening kepala. Semuanya kerana kehadiran Jenice Lee sebagai perwakilan dan turut membuang undi.

Rakyat Malaysia telah mengetahui Jenice Lee dipecat daripada DAP semasa GE 13, April 2013. Tiba-tiba Jenice hadir membuang undi untuk memilih CEC minggu lepas. Gambar-gambar kehadiran Jenice termasuk gambar Jenice sedang memasukkan kertas undi CEC ke dalam kotak disebarkan dengan meluas di internet.

Penyebaran gambar-gambar itu membuatkan orang ramai yakin bahawa pemilihan CEC tidak dilakukan dengan betul dan tindakan ROS selama ini betul. Warga internet mempersoalkan bagaimana orang yang telah dipecat boleh hadir sebagai perwakilan ?

Dinasti Lim dan Dinasti Singh mengeluarkan arahan kepada semua ahli CEC supaya jangan mengulas perkara itu jika ditanya oleh pemberita atau sesiapa sahaja. Ini bagi mengelakkan bahana besar melanda DAP.

Kehadiran Jenice sebagai perwakilan adalah mengikut peraturan kerana pemecatannya sebelum ini tidak sah akibat CEC yang ada pada waktu itu tidak diiktiraf. Sebab itu beliau masih kekal sebagai perwakilan.

Jika ada mana-mana ahli CEC yang menjelaskan sebab kehadiran Jenice sebagai perwakilan ianya akan mengesahkan CEC sebelum ini tidak diiktiraf. Itu akan menyusahkan Dinasti Lim. Mereka mengambil tindakan mendiamkan perkara itu sebaliknya mengalihkan isu dengan menyerang ROS untuk menunjukkan mereka tidak bersalah dan mengelirukan rakyat. Sebab itu dalam tempoh seminggu ini Lim Guan Eng, Tony Pua dan Karpal Singh terus menyerang ROS. Rakyat Malaysia sekarang patut tahu bahawa bapak pembohong dan pembelit. 

Dalam masa yang sama mereka juga sedang susah hati kerana kredibiliti mereka teruk tercalar di kalangan golongan intelek dan ahli perniagaan cina. Kecelaruan pemilihan CEC turut dirasai oleh Kerajaan Penang kerana ahli perniagaan mula berkira-kira untuk melabur modal di sana akibat dari kedudukan Lim Guan Eng yang tidak stabil.

Apa yang saya beritahu di bawah ini mungkin sukar untuk anda semua percayai. Namun saya boleh mempercayainya dengan mudah kerana saya telah lama bergaul dengan golongan ini. Cakap di depan lain dan lain perbuatan di belakang adalah perkara lumrah dalam DAP. Mereka bercakap pasal rasuah dan intergriti di depan rakyat namun di belakang ramai yang tidak tahu bahawa DAP sebuah parti yang kuat rasuah.

Tahukah anda bahawa kini DAP sedang berusaha untuk mengharamkan parti mereka sendiri ?

Sukar untuk percaya kan ?

Namun itulah hakikat yang berlaku sekarang selepas pemilihan semula CEC minggu lepas.

Bagaimana dan apa yang sedang dilakukan oleh DAP untuk haramkan parti mereka, saya akan kongsikan dengan anda esok dalam episod kedua. 


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Semenjak kematian Setiausaha Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM), Chin Peng diuar-uarkan pada 16 September 2013, beberapa pihak yang mengamalkan idealogi komunis telah ‘membongkar’ kisah-kisah Chin Peng dan komunis tanpa segan silu.

Lebih tidak sopan lagi apabila mereka ini mahu abu mayat Chin Peng itu dibawa ke Malaysia. Namun, tidak semudah itu apabila majoriti rakyat Malaysia khususnya bekas-bekas pejuang dan askar yang hidup di zaman kesengsaraan komunis.

Banyak yang tidak diketahui tentang kehidupan seharian pemimpin-pemimpin Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) oleh orang ramai, termasuk anggota bawahan PKM sendiri, kerana mereka menjalani kehidupan yang penuh rahsia dan sentiasa berahsia.
Selain itu, ramai juga anggota PKM tidak tahu pergerakan pemimpin-pemimpin mereka dan bagaimana mereka bergerak dari satu tempat ke tempat lain, sehingga ramai yang ingin tahu tentang rahsia itu.
Ketika itu, PKM menghadapi tekanan yang hebat daripada pasukan keselamatan terutama selepas Gabenor Sir Edward Gent mengisytiharkan darurat pada 21 Jun 1948.
Selama ini, mungkin ramai yang beranggapan pemimpin-pemimpin PKM tinggal di dalam hutan bagi menggelakkan ditangkap oleh pasukan keselamatan atau memimpin anggota-anggota PKM dalam pertempuran dengan pasukan keselamatan.
Sedang hakikatnya, ramai pemimpin PKM termasuk Setiausaha Agung PKM, Chin Peng sendiri tidak selalunya berada di dalam hutan, sebaliknya tinggal di banglo yang mewah di luar negara.
Chin Peng hanya berada di Malaya sehingga 1961 dan selepas pertengahan 1961, Chin Peng sudah berpindah ke Peking bersama-sama isterinya Li Chih dan Chen Tien, seorang daripada anggota Jawatankuasa Pusat PKM yang bertindak sebagai penterjemah semasa rundingan Baling pada 28 dan 29 Disember, 1955, dan mereka menjalani kehidupan yang serba mewah.
Sumber: Utusan Online

Apakah pihak-pihak yang mendakwa ‘rakan’ dan penyokong komunis itu mahu mengakui Chin Peng itu hidup mewah selepas melarikan diri setelah keganasan komunis berjaya dipatahkan pihak berkuasa Malaysia?

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