Rabu, Disember 24, 2008

Karpal: Nik Aziz’s move an expediency

PETALING JAYA: The threat by Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat – that PAS would implement hudud laws – is nothing less than a political expediency without considering the political reality in the country, Karpal Singh said.

The DAP chairman said the PAS spiritual leader also did not take into account the reasons given by DAP for objecting to the implementation of the laws in a multi-racial and multi-lingual country like Malaysia.

“Nik Aziz has asked for reasons we are objecting to the move. To start off, the Federal Constitution does not provide for an Islamic state from which could follow introduction of Islamic criminal laws like hudud.

“Next, PAS cannot afford to ignore the five-man unanimous decision of the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, in 1988 that the country was not an Islamic state, but a secular state,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He noted that it was Tun Salleh Abbas, who was at one time a PAS state exco member in Terengganu, who headed the five-man panel of the Supreme Court which made that judicial pronouncement.

“The Federal Constitution is a sacred document which must be accepted and respected by everyone, including PAS. PAS leaders, including Nik Aziz, should not defy and continuously be in contempt of it when insisting on the implementation of hudud laws in the country.

“It is wrong for PAS, for political expediency, to crave for what is clearly against the national interest,” he added.

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