Isnin, April 14, 2008

Karpal: No one party is boss - Shame for PAS

PETALING JAYA: There is no question of any of the three political parties being the backbone of the proposed Pakatan Rakyat, DAP chairman Karpal Singh said.

He said it had already been made clear that no one party would have greater standing, as the three component parties were equal in the alliance.

“Out of 82 parliamentary seats, PAS won 23 seats, with DAP securing 28 seats and PKR 31.

“PAS won the lowest number of seats, so how can it claim to be the backbone of Pakatan Rakyat?” he asked when contacted yesterday.

So in another words, Malay or Islamic Party can't be a leader. So what will PAS followers say. It's shame for PAS already announced that the Party want make Malaysia an Islamic State and governe with the Hudud Law. We must understand this, why we choose PAS and for what? when PAS afraid to take his way. PAS will not be releven anymore by their followers..

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