Sabtu, Februari 20, 2010

Shocking Truth about Anwar Ibrahim's Australian Partner

Dr Novandri Hasan Basri

What else can we say regarding Anwar Ibrahim's peculiar friendship with certain foreign leaders.

And Robert Bob Brown, an Australian senator is one them. He is a definite and a proud gay living with his soul partner for the past many years.

Brown opposed the Howard Government's amendments to the Marriage Act in 2004, stating that "Mr Howard should relax and accept gay marriages as part of the future's social fabric"

He is also an atheist which make him thinks that he is not liable for punishment from god for all his gay sins etc. How convenience!

And all this gay and atheist issues makes us wonder, where did Anwar Ibrahim actually first meet Bob Brown?

Bob Brown is a 100% gay and Anwar Ibrahim is on trail for 'the basic concept of a gay couple will ended up doing in their life'.

But maybe the Anwar Ibrahim's politeness by asking Saiful Bukhari 'can i fuck you today' could be thought by mr Bob Brown himself. Maybe ?

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