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Rabu, April 13, 2011

Radio Free 'Sex' Sarawak : what a sex maniac!!!


Ladies and gentleman! Introducing the 'family man' and God fearing soul that is fighting for Justice for the Dayaks in Sarawak.

Peter John Jamban a.k.a John Apai a.k.a Papa Orang Utan of Radio Free Sarawak does not walk his talk like all his opposition friends! Peter John questions the moral of BN Ybs and yet he himself is morally corrupted! The man who fight for Justice For The Dayaks in Sarawak is not giving any justice to his wife and childrens! Look at the pictures below.

Our records show that at last count he had married SEVEN local women and has TWENTY THREE children, most of them school dropouts now. 
The number of illegitimate children he had fathered is anybody's guess but friends and ex-colleagues from the Sarawak Land&Survey Dept and Cats Radio claim he could have more than TEN illegitimate children born out of wedlock.

Before his escape to London, this god-fearing man was operating an illegal pub and drug joint in Kuching which also doubled as a front for his ILLEGAL MONEY LENDING business.

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