Isnin, Mac 23, 2009

Fairus akui konspirasi PKR atas tekanan DAP!

" I will be back!" say Fairus

Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, who resigned as Penang Deputy Chief Minister on Saturday, said he is a victim of a conspiracy within Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and would strike back once he has gathered enough evidence against the plotters.

Mohammad Fairus told Nanyang Siang Pau on Thursday he was victimised by people from within PKR and denied allegations that the Mercedes Benz and BMW he owns were bought with cash.

On Saturday, after resigning from the No. 2 post in the state, he revealed to Nanyang the identity of the main conspirator and said he was gathering evidence.

Mohammad Fairus, whose whereabouts remain a mystery, said once he has enough evidence he would appear in the public to clear his name, name the conspirators, and return to Penang to launch a counter-attack.

He said although those who have conspired against him are heavyweights in Penang PKR, some grassroots and colleagues are rallying behind him to help him though this difficult time.

The Penanti assemblyman, who also told the daily in an sms on Saturday night that he was "not locked up somewhere", said he would not appear in the public for now for fear the incident would be turned into an issue by the Barisan Nasional in the coming by-elections.

"I cannot come out (from hiding)! This is not the time to come out to make clarifications, the BN will turn it into an election issue," he told the daily by phone.

He said although he was misunderstood and there were false accusations against him, he was willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the party and the various races in the state.

He also urged the daily's reporter to convey to the public the message that he is fine and that he is innocent.

"Please tell everyone that I have spoken to you through the phone. Tell them I am innocent. For (the sake proving) my innocence, I will be back! You must help me," he said.

Jadi memang sahlah ianya konspirasi dan ini yang ke-5 selepas  Arumugam (Bukit Selambau), Alizabeth Wong (Bukit Lenjan), Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) dan Jamaludin Md Radzi (Behrang) kini giliran Mohamad Fairus.... 

Kita ingat apa yang berlaku kepada mereka ini setiap peristiwa adalah sebahagian masalah dalaman PKR... kemungkinan besar ianya adalah tindakan orang dalaman PKR?

(sumber The SUN)

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