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DCA: Communications transcript not accurate

The Department of Civil Aviation says the voice recording transcript between the pilot of the ill fated MH370 and the control tower, minutes before the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft went missing is inaccurate.

Family Search and rescue MH 370SEPANG: The voice recording transcript, released by a British daily today, between the main control tower and flight MH370 minutes before the aircraft went missing is inaccurate.

“I can tell you that the transcript is not accurate,” Department of Civil Aviation director general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman Azharuddin said today.

He, however, refused to divulge details on the matter when pressed by the media at the daily press conference on the missing MH370, today.

The Daily Telegraph published a report of the last 54 minutes of communications between the pilot and the control tower saying that the plane was flying at 10,700m.

The transcript runs from the time the Boeing 777-200ER was taxiing to its last-known position thousands of metres above the South China Sea and includes exchanges from the point where investigators believe the plane had already been sabotaged.

Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein at the same press conference revealed that the original transcript is currently being analysed by the investigation team and said, the details of the communications cannot be disclosed to the public. He, however, confirmed that there was nothing abnormal in the communications between the two parties.

“The original transcript is with the investigation team. They need to analyse it, however, the details cannot be published to the media,”

“I can confirm to you that there was nothing abnormal in it,” he added.

Source : FMT

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