Rabu, Mei 07, 2008

Live coverage a big hit

KUALA LUMPUR: The live coverage of Question Time in Parliament last Wednesday was a hit, attracting 289,000 viewers – a figure considered very high for RTM.

“On a normal working day morning, our shows register below 100,000,” Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek told reporters at the lobby of Parliament.

Making notes: Abdullah intently following Question Time in his office at Parliament House.

“There was very high public interest in the Parliament coverage; maybe because it was a new thing to go ‘live’.

He said public interest remained strong later that night when RTM aired highlights of the sitting,. That attracted more than 300,000 viewers.

However, Shabery hoped the public would not stay interested in Parliament coverage just because they expected to see antics. “That would not be right. Parliament is not a circus.”

He said he would recommend in the Cabinet that live air-time of Parliament be extended from the current half hour.

Earlier, replying to a question by Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn (BN – Alor Gajah), Shabery said the ministry planned to use blogs “as a channel to disseminate information and to receive feedback from the public on current issues”.

Shabery said RTM’s 20-minute interview with bloggers every Sunday was a popular programme and it drew 200,000 viewers when three bloggers who were considered “critical to the Government” appeared on the show.

Celebrity-bloggers-turned-MPs Jeff Ooi (DAP – Jelutong) and Tony Pua (DAP – PJ Utara), who sit side by side in the House, stood up three times to ask supplementary questions but were not given the chance to voice their questions.

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