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Ooi: Raja Petra must bear responsibility

THE editor of news portal Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, must be responsible for what he has written in his blog, said Jeff Ooi (DAP-Jelutong).

Ooi, whose blog is Screenshots and is hailed as the “Father of Malaysia’s Blogs” by the blogging community, said Raja Petra must be ready to bear the responsibility when he posted opinions on his blog.

“He is disseminating opinion and he is in a position to influence public opinion. Of course people like this will have to be responsible for what they say. You stand up and you are ready to be counted,” he said when commenting on the case of Raja Petra being charged for sedition.

Ooi, however, said action taken against Raja Petra was “high-handed” as he should be allowed to give his views, and that there was no riot or public disorder as a result of what he had written on a particular high-profile murder case.

He added that this showed it was time for the Government to review archaic laws such as the Sedition Act.

Inside the Dewan, DAP Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang questioned the decision to prosecute Raja Petra for his posting. He said it should fall under contempt of court.

The Star 7/5/08

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